2021 Cohort

Headquarters: India
Biodesign Innovation Labs has developed ‘RespirAID’ – an affordable and portable mechanical ventilation device that provides volume control ventilation in ER & Ambulances. The device can stabilize patients with low lung compliance in absence of sophisticated ventilators. It is useful in resource-constrained settings for emergency care during stabilization of patients with trauma, casualty, respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest and other emergencies when the hospitals are overwhelmed with patients. In postoperative care, it is useful for intubated patients reducing the treatment cost.

It’s deployed over 20 hospitals in India, and has received permission by Indian government to deploy in hospitals and ambulances. The patented product was recognized by Forbes as a ‘Top Innovation during COVID Pandemic’.

Headquarters: Czech Republic

Crytur has developed HiLight, an ultra intense solid-state light source; it's lightweight, requires low power, has tunable wavelength, high intensity luminosity.  Its applications span a variety of industries and market segments: city lighting and architecture, industrial lighting, medical (e.g. endoscopes, microscopes for cell imaging), defense, and search and rescue operations.

Headquarters: Switzerland 

FairTiq is a mobile ticketing app for transit; it is based on "Check In – Assisted Check Out" technology. Customers check in on their phone when starting their journey and check out when done. At the end of the day or week, the system automatically calculates the best deal. It's easy for transit users, enables limitless pricing flexibility and unlocks new insights to support informed service and pricing decisions. It requires no hardware and is super user-friendly.

Headquarters: Switzerland

Hydromea develops affordable, portable autonomous underwater drones capable of monitoring and inspecting subsea infrastructure and underwater environments.  Hydromea’s technology has applications in a variety of sectors, including but not limited to: offshore energy, hydropower, aquaculture, water treatment plants, and naval and defence.



Headquarters: Belgium

Geckomatics is a technology startup founded to solve the scarcity of high quality, recent geographic information. Geckomatics has redesigned how outdoor mobile mapping is done, by developing their own mapping camera that can be mounted on any vehicle, and leveraging AI power to help residents  understand their city infrastructure (including trees, traffic signs, city furniture, etc).


Headquarters: Greece

MyHabeats, is an app that acts as a digital assistant for post-bariatric surgery patients. Designed by bariatric patients and behavior experts, backed-up by behavioral science insights, and approved by surgeons, it is critical in surgery follow-up care. MyHabeats offers personalized monitoring & guidance of patient behavior, increased follow-up efficiency, and easy access to bariatric guideline information. MyHabeats is currently available in 6 languages.


Headquarters: Sweden

Technology enabling any first responder (ambulance, med-flight, helicopter) or home care provider, to securely access the patient's Electronic Health Record in real-time by a hand-unit (phone or tablet), and ask for pro-diagnosis, adequate treatment preparation, or quick reference on allergies, medications to avoid, interactions, etc. In an emergency situation the first 60 minutes are the most critical. This  technology shortens the time-critical window, saves lives and enables health care professionals to collaborate smoothly and efficiently. 

Headquarters: Switzerland

Securaxis technology combines Acoustic with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI- RNN) and IoT, to add the missing layer to smart cities: the hearing sounds analytics. As humans, we are used to understanding and transforming sound to guide our actions. At Securaxis, they transfer this technology to cities. Cities are getting louder, and sound provides information that are not yet exploited. Sounds analytics allows for detection, geolocation, recognition and categorization of specific sounds in any kind of environment, for real time updates, alerts and data analytics. Analysis of sounds can help develop smarter cities and biodiversity monitoring.

Headquarters: Israel

Serenno Medical has developed a medical device that monitors fluid balance and predicts, identifies and avoids common, life threatening complications in Intensive Care hospitalizations such as Acute Kidney Injury - a deadly ICU risk with a yearly estimated death-toll of 300,000 lives in the US alone.

Headquarters: United Kingdom

SERG Technologies has developed and patented a first-of-its-kind, Parkinson’s Diagnostic Device (PDD) to quantify all three primary PD motor symptoms - rigidity, tremor, and bradykinesia. The PDD consists of a wearable sensor suite and machine learning software package for empirical assessment of Parkinsonian symptoms. It is compact, trivial to don and doff and requires no on-site calibration. All processing can be completed on a cell phone app, enabling clinical use, at home, or on the move for instant “on the fly” symptom assessment.

Headquarters: Switzerland

Surgeon's Lab create bench-top realistic training phantom simulators for medical students, residents, and surgeons performing neurosurgeries and neuro-endovascular procedures. The micro simulator (true scale patient's anatomy replica) is used to train microsurgical skills without endangering patients' lives.