A total of 12 International Companies will be Featured at the Showcase. As the number of available slots is now filled, we no longer accept applications for the 2021  Showcase.

Eligibility Criteria include:

  • the development of a Cutting-Edge Technology or Innovation, beyond the Ideation Phase (priority will be offered to companies that have already launched); 

  • small- to medium- sized companies;

  • representative of different countries,

  • with plans to soft-land in New England in the near future or very recent launch in the area.

    • Artificial Intelligence,

    • Blue- or Green- Tech

    • Cleantech & Sustainability,

    • Health and Life Sciences,

    • Life Sciences (Biotech, Medical Devices and Pharma),

    • Robotics, and 

    • Smart Living and Smart Cities.


Participating companies are expected to deliver a 5 minute presentation about their company, showcase their disruptive innovation in a virtual exhibit booth, and answer questions from participants. 


There is No Application Fee or Participation Cost.

Participant Selection is based on the following criteria:


  • Degree of Innovation;

  • Impact on Target Audience/Useer;

  • Innovation Category/Industry Representation;

  • Multi-country representation.

NOMINATIONS: Everyone and anyone is invited to Nominate a company to participate, provided that the above Eligibility Criteria are met.

Complimentary Mentoring/Coaching services are available to all participants, from the moment their Application is accepted, and they receive confirmation they are admitted to the Showcase. 

For questions or more information, email Sophia Kambanis.