The Application/Submission Entry Process for 
the 2021 Innovation Season is Now Closed.
Thank you to all the leaders and teams who applied for the program.

Any company or organization headquartered in New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont), can apply for a New England Innovation Award, as long as:

  • it has developed/marketed a revolutionary product, technology or process, that helps create a better future,  and

  • does not employ over 200 people.

There is NO Application Fee, and NO Cost associated with participating in the program.


Award Categories are updated every year, to reflect current market trends and developments.

For 2021, the available categories are:


  1. Cleantech, Greeentech & Bluetech (depending on the number of entries, this category may be split)

  2. Healthy Living & Well-Being 

  3. Tech & AI

  4. Smart Cities & Smart Living 

  5. Life Sciences (depending on the number of entries, this category may be split into Medical Devices and Biotech)

  6. Minority-Owned

  7. Robotics


An organization can apply to more than one Categories if they have more than one products to be considered;   however, only ONE product or process entry is accepted per organization within each Category.


If you wish to apply for an Award and none of the above Categories represent you, you can email us at:; we will be happy to discuss with you and make suggestions.


All Applications/Entry submissions must be completed ELECTRONICALLY no later than Friday, April 30, 2021; 5:00 pm EST. Please consult the 2021 Timeline before you Apply, so you can commit to being present at the Live Events, should you pass the First Judging Round of the Competition and make it to the Finals.


Applications/Entry Submissions should include:

  1. (Required) A Completed Application Form with basic contact information; for an Application to be considered, ALL Entry Form Fields must be complete. The form link can be found by clicking the blue button below.

  2. (Required) A 6-page maximum Pitch Deck (Power Point or similar), or a 2-minute Video describing the Innovation, its Benefits or the Problem it solves, and How it stands apart from the competition. Please be brief and concise, so that you can help the Judges make a favorable decision. Pitch Decks or Videos should be emailed to For detailed instructions on what to include in your Presentation Pitch (Deck or Video), go to the page "Application Pitch Guidelines".

  3. (Optional) Up to 5 photos (as visual aides to describe the innovation and/or its user benefits), may be emailed to

All applicants/competition entrants will receive an email acknowledgment by the end of the day their Application/Entry is received.