2021 Finalists Mentoring/Coaching Period: 15 Weeks
Monday, June 14 - Monday, September 27

The Mentoring and Coaching Program is the one of the most important benefits provided to those Innovators that make it to the Final stage of the competition. It is a 3-month immersive experience during which  experienced Mentors are paired up with the Finalists and help them develop and master perspectives  and soft business skills that will help them set themselves apart, and grow.

Mentors are experienced and passionate business leaders that selflessly make time off their busy schedules to provide support and counseling to all Finalists. They generously share their management and leadership know-how, communication cognizance and message delivery empiricism, to help Finalists convey a strong Innovation Message during the Final Stage of the competition (Innovation Showcase on 10/6/2021) and well beyond. They establish a relationship of mutual trust and respect with the Innovators, and many times they are asked to offer their opinions on general matters of importance to their Mentees, well beyond the scope of the Innovation Competition.


Depending on their own availability and work schedule, Mentors may change from year to year. As they become confirmed, for 2020, their names and titles (along with a head shot and short bio) will be posted on this website on the "Mentors" page.

Mentors and members of the New England Innovation Team get together immediately after the Finalists are announced, to discuss how to best match each Finalist with their corresponding Mentor.  Oftentimes, Mentors ask to be matched with Innovators from a particular industry, so they can best leverage their own knowledge and experience during the Mentoring period; their requests are very seriously considered. 


The Mentorship Program is entirely Optional but Strongly Recommended part of the New England Innovation Competition; it can be considered as an added benefit to the Finalists (as it provides them with complimentary consulting services that tend to be rather pricey). The Mentors know exactly what the Judges are looking for in the finals, and can help participants tailor-make their message to the specific audience. The frequency of meetings/phone discussions between Mentors and Mentees can fluctuate depending on the needs and work schedules of the parties involved. 

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