Kezia Fitzgerald

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, CareALine Products


Winner, Robert J. Crowley

"Spirit of Innovation Award" 2019

Kezia discovered a need for change in how vascular access lines were being managed during her daughter Saoirse’s treatment for Neuroblastoma. Seeing the impact of the problem on her daughter and family, she created and iterated the design of CareALine® Sleeve for PICC Lines and the CVC Wrap for Central Lines while Saoirse was in treatment. Kezia did this while battling her own cancer at the same time. After Saoirse’s death, Kezia and husband Mike started CareALine Products, LLC and brought her innovations to the market. Having had the patient experience and insight helped them advocate for change of the standard of care to all patients with PICC and Central Lines. The products are FDA registered medical devices used by hospitals, and loved by thousands of patients and caregivers worldwide.

ZATA is revolutionizing the blood transfusion process and its safety, through the development and implementation of their proprietary Anti-Pathogen Systems (ZAP-Systems and ZAP-C Deactivators), that enable effective reductions of blood born pathogens. ZAP-C is a family of small molecules that effectively penetrate pathogens and selectively and permanently deactivates their genomic molecules, thus eliminating the infectivity, without affecting proteins and other biological components. After inactivation of the blood born pathogens, the residual ZAP-C is neutralized, and the neutralized output is completely removed by cartridge filtration. The entire process takes place in a simple, entirely closed, sterile, disposable ZAP-system.

FoodPhone's patent-pending SpectraPixel™ technology aims to turn any smartphone into an affordable, mobile 3D hyperspectral sensor that can detect the precise quantity and macronutrients of single, multiple, or mixed foods. Their first benefited population are the several hundred million (and growing) people dealing with diabetes. FoodPhone can help identify food elements before an individual consumes the food; the device then tracks what’s been consumed, and provides intake information to the patient, family, and medical support personnel. Aggregate data can be utilized by researchers and policy makers. Beyond Diabetes, FoodPhone will be used to manage weight, fitness, some food allergies, religious and medical food restrictions.  The company has already lined up a leading semiconductor, phone, camera and big data technology partners - as well as, consumer diabetes market leaders.  

ZATA Pharmaceuticals  

- led by Dr. David Tabatadze,

President & CEO -

Winner, New England Innovation Award - Life Sciences, 2019


- led by Chris Mutti, CEO -


Winner, New England Innovation Award - Wellness, 2019

Infinite Cooling

-led by Dr. Maher Damak,

Co-Founder & CEO)

Winner, New England Innovation Award - Sustainability 2019

Infinite Cooling's technology helps mitigate water scarcity around the world by allowing power plants and other industrial processes dramatically reduce their water consumption and water treatment costs by recovering water from their cooling tower exhausts. Their patent-pending technology uses electric fields to capture water from the plumes leaving cooling towers. Infinite Cooling has a track record of success including having won the MIT $100K, MassChallenge, the MIT Clean Energy Prize, the DOE National Cleantech Competition and numerous other awards. 


Maher Damak (CEO & Co-Founder of Infinite Cooling) has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT where, at the Varanasi Research Group, he developed the novel technology to efficiently capture water from fog and cooling tower plumes using electric fields; this technology is the basis of Infinite Cooling. He is an expert in fluid dynamics, heat transfer, interfacial phenomena, and electronics. Maher has received several awards for his work including Forbes 30 Under 30 in Energy, a World Technology Award and the Lemelson-MIT student prize.

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