Usually takes place the last Tuesday of the Month at Lunchtime

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PitchTuesdays represent an opportunity for emerging technologies, new entrepreneurs and start-ups that have developed disruptive technologies to:

  • Enhance their Exposure and Visibility to the Region's Ecosystem and Economy Drivers,

  • Connect with Potential Investors,  Customers, and Strategic Partners, and

  • Spotlight their Technologies and Problem-Solving Solutions.

They also provide Business Leaders, Decision-Makers, Executives, Investors and Professionals the chance to get informed on Emerging Industry Trends, and enjoy Heightened Awareness  about Innovation Initiatives happening in our region.

There is no cost for attending a PitchFest, Registration is required; Registration links can be found at the Events Page; Registration for an event usually opens 3 weeks prior to it.

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June PitchTuesday featuring Dr. Mariela Alfonso, CEO & Founder of State of Place - Tuesday, June 22nd @11:45 am)
Bridging the worlds of academia and practice, Dr. Alfonzo is the Founder and CEO of State of Place, an AI-driven urban design data and predictive analytics software that helps citymakers make more effective, cost-efficient, bottom-up, transparent, and accountable citymaking decisions to create livable, equitable, sustainable places all people can access and love. State of Place grew out of Urban Imprint, an urban design-behavior research and consulting firm, Dr. Alfonzo established in 2005, via which she worked with a range of private and public sector real estate stakeholders translating data into evidence-based design, development, and planning guidance. An expert on the value of urban design, Dr. Alfonzo focuses on how the relationship between the built environment and behavior impacts health, broadly defined to include physical, mental, social, community, environmental, and fiscal health, within the context of community change. In the Fall of 2014, she was recognized as one of Urban Land Institute's 40 under 40 best young land use professionals around the globe. Additionally, Dr. Alfonzo was awarded a Fulbright to examine walkability in China in the Fall of 2013, where she focused on the socio-cultural and policy challenges to implementing walkable development. Registration for this event will open soon.
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