Usually takes place the last Tuesday of the Month at Lunchtime

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PitchTuesdays represent an opportunity for emerging technologies, new entrepreneurs and start-ups that have developed disruptive technologies to:

  • Enhance their Exposure and Visibility to the Region's Ecosystem and Economy Drivers,

  • Connect with Potential Investors,  Customers, and Strategic Partners, and

  • Spotlight their Technologies and Problem-Solving Solutions.

They also provide Business Leaders, Decision-Makers, Executives, Investors and Professionals the chance to get informed on Emerging Industry Trends, and enjoy Heightened Awareness  about Innovation Initiatives happening in our region.

There is no cost for attending a PitchFest, Registration is required; Registration links can be found at the Events Page; Registration for an event usually opens 3 weeks prior to it.

Upcoming Pitch Tuesdays:

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