Business Team

Responding to numerous, frequent requests, we now provide strategic communications and early start-up marketing services. Leveraging our 40+ years of combined experience in top-leadership positions in multinationals, non-profits and start-ups, market research, retail and B2B marketing, we can help you develop a differentiated story that delivers your unique message and reach effectively reaches your target audience. 


Every start-up is different; so, we avoid “one package fits all” offerings. Instead, we provide flexible, customizable services to meet your specific needs. Through a combination of strategic consulting, communications optimization, content development, design and delivery, our team helps start-ups craft a unique narrative and build successful communication strategies/stories that effectively reach the intended markets. 

Strategic counselling based on our global mind-set and bird’s-eye view; you benefit from  high-level strategic marketing perspectives and complementary tactical actions to define and capitalize on your key strategic strengths.

Enhanced awareness, visibility and relevance for your company, product or brand; reputation development and traction generation through crystal-clear key messages that resonate with strategic objectives and target-market needs.

Initiation and development of market education, and consumer information to increase your perceived value and overall credibility.

Website content review, suggestions and revisions; design and development of marketing/communications collateral and presentations that effectively convey and elevate your message. 

Generating, improving and extending meaningful and engaging social media presence that adds to your story-telling and positively contributes to your growth.